They always had a strong committee who in addition to organising their area, they provided us on the Dublin Executive with many helpers and committee members.  The most notable being the late Paul O’Reilly and our Vice President PJ Connolly. They always had strong teams in basketball, athletics, badminton, hockey and swimming. When we had an Introduction to Sport programme each May in Mosney, Iona always sent several children.

The number of participants over the years began to decline. Three years ago they were about to fold up. A new member joined their area committee and began to invigorate the area. The participation numbers immediately increased.

In 2016 they had a full complement of athletic and art competitors. They took on new activities like model making, skittles, chess, draughts, table tennis, gaelic football and quiz. Ronan Gately we salute you in motivating more adults and children to get involved. The local GAA and Basketball clubs help. Children are taken to Morton Stadium for athletic training and coaching is given in the various activities in preparation for Dublin Finals.

We are privileged that Ronan Gately is now also Development Officer and PRO on our county committee. Iona emulates the true spirit of Community Games and well deserve the nomination.

Tom Sheridan
County Secretary Dublin Community Games