On the 24th March, we had a brilliant night in Grange Gymnastics with some very talented gymnasts at the Dublin Community Games Gymnastics Finals. A massive thank to our fantastic hosts, Grange Gymnastics, who made the evening possible from all here at Dublin Communities Games.

Congratulations to everyone that took part tonight and the results are:

Girls Under 9

  1. Aisling O'Byrne
  2. Charlotte Clements
  3. Ruby Hogg

Boys Under 9

  1. Evan Kinsella
  2. Fiachra Molloy
  3. Daire Molloy

Girls Under 11

  1. Freya Eliasson
  2. Ashleigh Jenkins
  3. Zoe Smith
  4. Ava Teehan & Sophie Chamermud

Girls Under 13

  1. Hazel Turner
  2. Hannah Finnegan
  3. Malissa Wogu
  4. Leah Prendergast

Girls Under 15

  1. Saidbh O'Connor
  2. Meabh Kernan